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Digital Assets Program

Crypto Investor Live Course (6 months access) + Digital Assets Class (Unlimited Access)


Digital Assets Course Collection – includes the Digital Assets course, a $299 value in addition to 6 months access to the flagship Crypto Investor Live course. 
Offer expires 3/21/2022 at 9PM PT

In this program, you will start out with the Digital Assets course, which takes a deeper dive into the exciting world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, starting with a strong foundation of risk management and building on the basics of market structures and transactions. With more than 11,000 currencies and projects in the realm of digital assets—and growing fast--we’ll explore key considerations to make when analyzing and considering an asset. The course covers topics such as mining, public addresses and private keys, forks, consensus algorithms, destruction and emission rates, public ledgers, smart contracts and many more. You will receive UNLIMITED access to this course. Please note, this course provides information about cryptocurrencies but does not teach you how to trade them.

Next, we’ll help you understand how to put everything you’ve learned about digital assets into action with a robust mix of self-paced lessons and live trading sessions. Crypto Investor Live offers opportunities to watch our instructor buying, storing, transferring, managing, and cashing out digital assets using real money on a variety of exchanges, wallets, and storage methods. We’ll show you how you may be able to increase the rate of return on your cryptocurrency by reviewing available staking rates and moving your digital assets around, while taking into consideration your specific trade plan and risk management rules. Product evaluation will be a crucial part of the course, to help you avoid getting caught up in hype and winding up with a scam cryptocurrency. We’ll show you how to analyze an asset for legitimacy and trading potential by understanding the gist of the project and how it stacks up against the competition. We’ll cover how to claim a “fork”, yield farming, liquidity pools, impermanent loss, automated market makers, staking and airdrops. We’ll also explore non-fungible tokens (NFT) and explain not only what they are, but where to buy or even how to create them. Get 6-month access for the price of 3 months. Please note, this course provides information about cryptocurrencies and offers instruction on how to trade them.