Discover Digital Assets and Crypto

A Focus Course


In the 90’s the internet worked its way into our everyday lives, giving us access to a wealth of information and tools to communicate with anyone! The latest evolution of the internet, is built on Digital Assets and Cryptocurrencies and is called web 3.0. These new tools greatly increase the transparency, speed and decentralization of financial services. Sadly, most have no idea how they work! Because of this, there are many fraudulent scams and bad actors looking to exploit and steal from those lacking the knowledge. This course addresses the 5 fundamental W’s you should be asking about any trading or investing opportunity: Who, What, Where, Why & When?

We will start with a basic introduction to what cryptocurrencies and digital assets are, then quickly move into what their role is in our current global marketplace. With over 30,000 different Digital Assets currently operating, it’s critical that you understand the different technologies and blockchains that make up the foundation of each ecosystem. Our main goal is to educate our students, while reducing exposure to risk.

For many, it may seem like a new language as we cover topics such as: mining, public and private keys, forks, consensus algorithms, destruction and emission rates, public ledgers, smart contracts and many more.

Application sessions will allow us to dive deeper into each more complex topics, with hands-on examples.

Note: This class provides information about cryptocurrencies but does not offer instruction on how to trade them.

This course will cover:

    • History of cryptocurrency
    • Understanding blockchain technology
    • Transacting with cryptocurrency
    • The rise of Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
    • The mechanics of cryptocurrencies and digital assets
    • Blockchain Consensus Algorithms
    • Considerations when transacting cryptocurrency - buying, sending, storing, transferring, and selling
    • Trading Tools – How to use available online tools to learn about trading cryptocurrencies

Application Sessions:

    • The 5 step Transaction Process: Buying & Selling, Transfer, Storage, Trading & Investing and Cashing Out
    • Staking: How to help grow protocol security and earn yield at the same time
    • Understanding and utilization of Decentralized Exchanges (DeFi)
    • How to find Investment opportunities with structured project analysis


This course is designed for students with foundational knowledge of cryptocurrencies who are interested in further developing their knowledge of digital assets based on blockchain technology.


No prior knowledge required.


Approx. 6 hours of live instruction & 1, 60-minute live session delivered weekly for 4 weeks post-class.


6-hour class when purchased includes 4, 60-minute application sessions accessible from the same course. Unlimited Retakes.

Class Type

Live Online class with Application Sessions