Trading Ratios And Butterflies

A Focus Course


Traders and Investors are at times presented with market conditions that are neutral in nature regarding volatility and/or price movement. It can be challenging to construct a viable options strategy when volatility conditions are a bit too low for credit strategies and a bit too high for debit strategies while keeping their overall risk and capital requirements at lower, more controlled, and acceptable levels.

While Ratios and Butterflies are generally dismissed as “too complex” by novice traders, they can be very powerful tools when set up and managed properly. These strategies can also be extremely useful as current long-term or short-term position adjustment concepts. By understanding the smaller capital requirements related to the overall risk, the tendency of the Greeks’ calculations to potentially become more favorable as the trade evolves and grasping the concept of picking and choosing the type of reward-to-risk desired, each Trader and Investor can benefit from the extreme versatility of these strategies.

As a result, Online Trading Academy has created this class designed to help educated Options traders take advantage of the opportunities, while managing the risks associated with Trading Ratios and Butterflies.

Note: This class provides information on Ratio and Butterfly Options Strategies and offers instruction on how to trade them.

This course will cover:

    • How to use Core Strategy with trading Ratio Spread and Butterfly Strategies.
    • How to Scan for Opportunities - This strategy can also be used with stocks and ETFs, for short-term and long-term durations, and with all types of combinations and structures to adapt more ideally to each Trader's or Investor's goals.
    • How News and Economic Event risk can be significantly reduced with the proper strategy.
    • How to Analyze the Charts using Core Strategy to help identify areas of opportunities using CliK, OTA's proprietary Education, Charting and Analysis platform.
    • Gaining consistent rules for analyzing and setting up Ratio Spreads and Butterfly Spreads.
    • Entering and then managing Ratio Spreads or Butterfly trades using straightforward, consistent, methodological rules, and how to position size to manage risk.
    • How to exit the Strategy using simple order exit rules based upon the conditions in the markets.


This course is designed ideally for students who have completed OTA’s Core Strategy class. Traders with Options experience and/or prior Options education will benefit from learning these strategies.


Core Strategy and Options Trader courses required..


Approx. 6 hours of live instruction & 1, 90-minute live session delivered weekly for 4 weeks post-class


6-hour class when purchased includes 4, 90-minute application sessions accessible from the same course. Unlimited Retakes.

Class Type

Live Online class with Application Sessions