Futures Program with XLT



The Professional Futures Trader course is designed to educate and increase student confidence and skills in trading the global futures markets by applying our 6-step Core Strategy. The course covers the six major groups of the markets, including equity indexes, interest rates, energy, metals, currency, and agriculture. Program includes on location, online and on demand class options to provide you with flexible learning opportunities.

In addition to the course, the Extended Learning Track (XLT) sessions combine key skill-building sessions with practical application sessions in an interactive, virtual online classroom and live market environment.

  • Understand how the futures market works and the key characteristics that differentiate it from other markets.
  • How to apply Core Strategy to help identify where there could be a higher likelihood that banks and institutions are buying and selling in the futures market.
  • How to use proper risk management techniques to manage the power of leverage which futures provides, using both correlated and non-correlated markets.
  • How to develop a trade plan to build and analyze futures trades with CliK, our one-of-a-kind education, analysis, and trading tool.
  • Access to several, 2-hour XLT sessions monthly combining key skill-building and practical application sessions as well as live market trading.

Learning Objectives

Lifetime Classes


Weekly XLTs


CliK Trading Labs


To clearly understand and properly execute Online Trading Academy’s 6-step, rule-based Core Strategy in the futures market.

This Course Is for You If...

  • You have completed the Core Strategy course and are serious about learning to trade and invest in the futures market. The course and XLT sessions are designed to shorten the learning curve of the new futures trader as well as sharpen the skills of the experienced market speculator in a live market environment.
  • You are interested in trading diverse markets and like the option of trading during extended hours.