Market Timing - Online

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Over the three days of this deep-dive orientation class, you’ll discover short term and long term investment strategies and see if Online Trading Academy is a good fit for your trading and investing education and goals.


In this class, you'll learn about OTA's proprietary Core Strategy Methodology based upon the laws of supply and demand. Core Strategy is designed to time the market for both short-term trading and long-term investing. You'll discover how to identify likely market moves before they occur and learn about strategies for up down and sideways markets.

For short-term trading be introduced to leveraged asset classes like Futures, Options and Forex and begin to understand the pros and cons of using investment leverage; for longer term investing, be introduced to Stocks and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and how to diversify a long-term portfolio using strategies similar to banks and institutional investors.

Begin to learn our approach to risk management and the theoretical point where risk is the lowest on any investment, critical to learning to trade and invest with skill and confidence.

In this highly interactive class, you'll also be exposed to trading platforms where you'll follow a step-by-step process for identifying trade opportunities using our proprietary investing methodology and powerful risk management approach. Our curriculum is designed to shorten your learning curve and develop your confidence that comes from making decisions based on analysis and a plan, not gut or emotions.

Who Will Benefit

Beginners and Novices:  those who are just starting out on their trading and investing education.  70% of surveyed students said they had no experience or were novices.*  

Experienced Traders:  those who are looking to develop more confidence and consistency.  30% of surveys students said they were somewhat experienced of advanced traders and investors.*

Don’t delay, the majority of surveyed students said they wished they would have started with OTA sooner.* Now’s the time to get started on your journey to trading and investing with the confidence of the pros. Register now.

* An April 2021 survey with over 1000 OTA students responding

Meet Our Instructors

Darren Kimoto

Darren Kimoto

Specialty: Options
  • Has been trading in the markets since 2003 including stocks, options, futures, and Forex
  • Has authored custom indicators and trading systems
  • Has addressed over an estimated 30,000 individual investors in various investment conferences and classes
Michael Young

Ryan Cook

Specialty: Options & Stocks
  • Third Generation Investor & Educator
  • Trading since 2000
  • Multi-Asset Trade with expertise in asset correlation
Lloyd Boucher

Lloyd Boucher

Specialty: Stocks
  • Has been trading stocks since 2000
  • Has experience as a fitness trainer and MMA fighter which taught him commitment, confidence, and discipline
  • Helps instill these qualities in students in his classes