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Signature Series: Riding the Wave - Online

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Discover how to “Ride the Wave” and hold positions from Demand to Supply and vice versa!

This 4-step “Riding the Wave” approach to the markets, provides a unique “wave” method, which when combined with Core Strategy, helps to identify potential market turning points.

Learn to identify quality scenarios that could allow for greater profit potential during the management of trades, in this exciting, 3-day course.

Prerequisites: Futures Program (Futures course and XLT)

*Note: This is a one-time class offering, no retakes. Includes weekly 1hr companion sessions.


This course utilizes the principals of Core Strategy and introduces Bob’s four-step Riding the Wave approach to the markets, which aims to help students hold positions from demand to supply and vice versa. The unique “wave” approach when combined with Core Strategy is designed to identify potential market turning points and identify scenarios that can lead to potentially greater profit potential during the management of trades.

Course Outline


  • The Strategies (e.g., Gap and Run, Bollinger Bands, Hook Reversal, Fish’s Rule)
  • Supporting Indicators (e.g., Odds Enhancers Scoring Methodology)
  • Bob’s Scanners
  • Pattern introduction
  • Presentation of the workflow blueprint for finding opportunities (Steps 1-4 on reference guide)
  • LAB: Use workflow blueprint to walk through set ups to find opportunities for tomorrow’s market open


  • Analyze pre-open market set up strategies for Futures
  • Market open demonstration of running scans and putting on trades
  • Review workflow blueprint
  • LAB: Student shadow instructor executing workflow blueprint from start to finish on a trade
  • LAB: Students practice workflow blueprint using 5-6 securities provided by instructor
  • Analyze student lab results for each of the 5-6 securities
  • Deeper instruction of analysis techniques
  • LAB: Hard right-edge exercise; practicing decision-making process on a candle-by-candle basis


  • Introduce “Riding the Wave” pre-market routine
  • LAB: Students practice workflow blueprint on various trading opportunity identified by students
  • Analyze and discuss student lab results
  • Recap and review the strategies
  • Final review and Q&A of workflow blueprint
  • Expectation setting for next steps
  • Discuss the weekly Companion Signature Series sessions


Bob Dunn

Bob Dunn

Specialty: Core Strategy

Bob has been trading the futures market since the 1980. As a former Member of the Business Conduct Committee, and Floor Practices Committee, Arbitration Committee and Chairman of the Canadian Dollar Pit Committee, he shares his wisdom and knowledge of the markets with his students. He reinforces the importance of Online Trading Academy’s Core Strategy to help ensure students trade with discipline.